Line Item Details for RFQ-0001

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 Document Number: RFQ-0001
 Requisition Number: 
 Deadline: 12/4/2014 3:00:00 PM M.S.T.
 Title of Notice: RFQ For Accessible Passenger Van
 Buyer Name: Mr. Jerry Gooding,Transportation Coordinator
 Buyer Telephone: (303) 926 - 6488
 Buyer Email:

 Line Item #1 Quantity:  1 UOM:  UNIT
 Specs for #1:
One ADA accessible van. Rear lift with capacity for minimum of 4 ambulatory passengers and 3 forward facing wheelchair securements.
Bid specifications noted in attachment.
Brand Preference: All Brands are Acceptable
 Delivery InfoJerry L. Gooding
1400 Dixon Avenue
Lafayette, CO 80026