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Western Colorado University

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Request for Qualifications for Architectural Consulting Services RFQ-WSCU-2016-WMRT 08/08/2016
Engineering Services Required For The Hurst Hall HVAC System RFQ-WSCU-2016-HEC 07/27/2016
WSCU-DQ-5474 Underwriting for Enterprize Revenue Refinancing DQ-5474 06/24/2016
Shortel Phone System Maintenance DQ-5473 06/09/2016
Request for Architectural Consulting Services for various projects DQ-WSCU-2016-GAS 06/02/2016
Kawai Digital Piano Lab DQ- 5471 06/02/2016
WSCU-DQ-5472 Percussion Instruments DQ-5472 06/02/2016
Crystal Hall Parking lot DQ-5470 05/12/2016
Mears Parking lot, Asphalt DQ-5469 05/10/2016
WSCU-DQ-5468 DQ- 5468 05/03/2016
QH Relocation - Grand Piano Restoration DQ-2007-133P14-03 04/11/2016
Security and Door Upgrades Escalante and Crystal Hall DQ-2007-13P14-01 04/08/2016
Football Travel Bus Services DQ-5467 03/29/2016
Internet Services RFP- 16-79 02/08/2016
Notice of Contractor's Settlement NFS-2015-090M14-01-CS 01/07/2016
Purchase of Tractor DQ-5466 10/05/2015
Notice of Contractors Settlement- Ute Hall Bathroom Remodel NFS-WSCU-2015-UHBR-CS 08/25/2015
Football Travel Bus Service DQ-5465 06/12/2015
Waste Removal Service RFP-16-78 05/08/2015
Ute Hall Bathroom Remodel ITB-WSCU-2015-UHBR 03/31/2015
Telephone Services RFP-14-77 02/23/2015
Escalante Terrace Remodel DQ-2007-133P14-ESC-02 02/17/2015

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