Town of Superior

Town of Superior

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Closed Solicitations

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Req. for Qualifications - Prof. Engineering & CM Services SOQ-PW-2010-01ProfessionalEngineering&CMServices 01/22/2010
Pool Opening and Closing Services, Chemical Purcahse and Gen Maint RFP-001 12/20/2009
Request for Proposal for Custodial Services RFP-2010 12/16/2009
Request for Proposals - Tennis Professional RFP-2009 11/20/2009
Superior Lifestyle Weekend Event - Development and Implementation ITB-2009-PROS-Superior Lifestyle Weekend Event 11/09/2009
Town of Superior 2009 Epoxy Street Striping IFB-PWStreetStriping2009 07/20/2009
Mine Camp House Basement Finish IFB-PROS-2009-Mine Camp House Basement Finish 06/30/2009
2009 Round-A-Bout Construction at McCaslin Boulevard & Coalton Roa ITB-PWRoundabout2009 05/27/2009
2009 Street Repairs & Town 9 Park Improvements IFB-PW-2009-2 05/13/2009
RFP for new Parkling Lot Lights RFP-Admin-2-2009 04/17/2009
Town of Superior 2009 Street Replacement IFB-PWStreetReplacement2009-1 04/15/2009
Solan Panel Installation at Town Facilities RFP-ADMIN-2009-1 03/31/2009
Waste Disposal and Related Services IFB-PROS-2009-Waste Disposal and Related Services 03/18/2009
Fence Staining & Repair RFP- Fence Staining & Repair 03/16/2009
Light Duty Truck IFB-PROS-2009-Light Duty Truck 03/06/2009
John Deere IFB-PROS-2009-Gator XUV 03/06/2009
Tree Care Program IFB- Tree Care Program 02/26/2009
Superior Water Distribution System Leak Detection RFP-PWLeakDetection2009 02/13/2009
SMD1 Water Treatment Plant East Clariflocculator Painting IFB-PWClariflocculatorPainting2009 02/03/2009
Easement Jetting Machine & Trailer IFB-PWEasementMachine2009 02/03/2009
Toro Sentinel Water Management System IFB-Toro Sentinel Water Management System 01/26/2009
RFP-GIS Program Services RFP-GIS Program Services 01/02/2009
Underground Utility Repair RFP-PWUtilityRepair2009 12/10/2008
Asphalt and Concrete Repair Services RFP-PWAsphaltConcreteRepair2009 12/10/2008
Water Distribution System Repairs IFB-PWWaterSystemRepairs2009 12/03/2008

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