Town of Mead

Town of Mead

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Closed Solicitations

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Town of Mead - Area Trails Project, Highland Ditch Crossing Mead-1970.56c 09/13/2016
2016 Asphalt Slurry Seal RD.3.2016 RD.3.2016 05/31/2016
2016 Asphalt Pavement Patching Service RD.1.2016 05/03/2016
Town of Mead Biosolids RFP 2016-001 03/10/2016
Town of Mead - Contract Wastewater Operations Services 1970.1c-2015.09.22 10/15/2015
Town of Mead - Sekich Business Park Storm Line And Hilltop Road 1970.34c 07/07/2015
Town of Mead - Rate Study for Wastewater Utility Services Mead-1970.1c 06/16/2015
Town of Mead - Welker Street Widening 1970.20c 04/21/2015
Town of Mead - Single Source Trash & Single Stream Recycle Pickup Trash 2 02/13/2015
Town of Mead - Single Source Trash & Single Stream Recycle Pickup Mead-2014.1 12/31/2014
Town of Mead - 2014 Liberty Ranch Park Improvements (Phase 1) 1970.32c 08/15/2014
Town of Mead, Area Trails Phase 2 1 07/21/2014
Town of Mead WWTF Grit Chamber Building and SBR Catwalk 1970.1c 06/04/2014
Margil Farms- Basketball Court and Landscaping 1970.24 05/09/2014
Town of Mead Areat Trails - Phase 1 1970.4 Mead Area Trails - Phase 1 10/01/2013
Vale View Pavement Repairs Vale View Pavement Repairs 06/14/2013
Town of Mead Welker Avenue Drainage Improvements Welker Ave Drainage Improvements 1970.10c 06/11/2013
Engineering Services - Town of Mead Engineering Services 02/17/2012

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