National Ecological Observatory Network

National Ecological Observatory Network

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Closed Solicitations

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Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensors RFQ-0286-FIU 05/17/2016
Soil Gas Flux System RFQ-0283-FIU 05/04/2016
Wet Deposition Chemical Analysis RFP-0238-CLA 04/27/2016
Analysis of Sediment Chemistry RFP-0266-CLA 03/03/2016
Particulate Mass Filter Analysis and Museum Services PRF-0237-FIU 02/23/2016
Electrofisher RFQ-0270.AQU 01/27/2016
RFI Towing Services for Mobile Deployment Platform RFI-0264-SIV 01/15/2016
Msanifold Assembly Testing RFP-0264-ENG 01/11/2016
Drill Rig RFQ-0265-FIU 12/29/2015
RFI Towing Services for Mobile Deployment Platform RFI-0261-SIV 11/04/2015
Reaeration and Dissolved Gas Laboratory Analysis RFP-0256-AQU 10/27/2015
Remote Thermometer Hygrometewr Barometer W/POE RFQ-258-PROD 10/09/2015
Request for Quote- FEP Tubing RFQ-257-ENG 09/25/2015
Mosquito Traps and Spares RFQ-0252-FOP 09/07/2015
Request for Quote- Axial Fans RFQ-249-ENG 08/21/2015
IT Security Penetration Test RFQ-0247-IT 08/19/2015
PDF Management Software RFQ-0241-IT 06/26/2015
Maintenance and Security Cameras RFQ-0236-PROD 06/19/2015
Web Development, Support, and Maintenance of NEON Website RFP-0226-EDU 06/12/2015
Request for Quote- Gauge Pressure Transducers RFQ-240-PROD 06/10/2015
Thermometer/hygrometer/barometer with POE RFQ-230-ENG 04/24/2015
Measure Soil Co2 Diffusivity and Soil Water Content Calibration RFP-0222-FIU 04/15/2015
Request for Quote- Discharge Velocity Flow Meters RFQ-224-AQU 04/07/2015
Oracle License and Support Spring 2015 RFQ-0221-CI 03/20/2015
Request for Quote- Total Stations- Manual and Robotic RFQ-220-AQU 03/13/2015

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