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National Ecological Observatory Network

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Closed Solicitations

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Maximo SW Licenses, Service and Support RFQ-0167-CI 09/26/2014
12 and 48 Volt DC Power Supplies RFQ-0172-PRD 09/24/2014
24 Volt Power Supplies RFQ-0171-PRD 09/22/2014
24 Volt Power Supplies RFQ-0169-PRD 09/19/2014
Mobile Deployment Platform MDP TOPR 09/19/2014
Root Washer RFP-0156-FSU 09/10/2014
NEON RFQ-164-PROD for Overmold Cable Assemblies RFQ-164 08/29/2014
NEON RFQ-166-PROD for Connector-Adapters 166-PROD 08/25/2014
Recruiting Automated Workflow RFQ-0165-HR 08/22/2014
NEON RFQ-162-PROD for Crimp-Solder-Harness Cable Assemblies 162-PROD 08/15/2014
NEON RFQ-163-PROD for Armored Cable Assemblies 163-PROD 08/15/2014
Wall Mount Surge Protective Device RFQ-0159-PRD 07/25/2014
CloudBridge Design Project RFQ-0153-IT 07/25/2014
AC to 48 V DC Power Supplies RFQ-0154-PRD 07/21/2014
Attitude and Motion Reference System Equipment RFP-0150-ENG 07/18/2014
Climatological Prediction Tool and Sensitivity Study RFQ-0149-AOP 07/18/2014
Budget Software RFQ-0151-FIN 07/18/2014
Library Affiliation Program RFI-0144-SCI 07/08/2014
Laboratory Analysis of Soil Samples for Carbon and Nitrogen RFP-0143-FSU 07/03/2014
Sediment Chemistry RFP-0141-AQU 06/27/2014
Service Tasks Engineering, Assembly and Manufacturing (STEAM ) RFP-222-PROD 06/27/2014
Vacuum pumps RFQ-150-ENG 06/25/2014
Total Compensation Statement Software RFI-0142-HR 06/20/2014
Datacenter Move RFQ-0138-CI 06/17/2014
Rodent-Borne Pathogen Testing RFP-0137-FSU 06/13/2014

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