National Ecological Observatory Network

National Ecological Observatory Network

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Closed Solicitations

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Request for Quote- Mobile Storage Containers- Renting RFQ-207-SIV 03/13/2015
Tube Fittings RFQ-0219-PRD 03/06/2015
AC to 48 Volt DC Power Supplies RFQ-0215-PRD 03/04/2015
UPS Rack / Tower RFQ-211-PROD 02/24/2015
Tube Fittings RFQ-0213-PRD 02/23/2015
Uninterruptible Power Supplies RFQ-0212-PRD 02/19/2015
Tube Fittings RFQ-0208-PRD 02/13/2015
Request for Quote- Gas Regulators RFQ-203-PROD 012715 02/09/2015
Development of Terrestrial Observation System Sampling Designs RFP-0197-FSU 02/06/2015
Development of Training Plan and Curriculum for Ecological Field T RFP-0187-EDU 01/30/2015
Maintenance and Security Camera RFQ-185B-PROD 01/16/2015
Site Network Video Recorder RFQ-186B-PROD 01/16/2015
Fish Nets RFQ-0194-AQU 01/09/2015
Strut Channel, Slotted Aluminum RFQ-0200-PRD 01/09/2015
Location Controllers With Image RFQ-0191-PROD 01/05/2015
CO2/H2O Concentration Sensors RFQ-0183-FIU 12/23/2014
Maintenance and Security (SEMS) Camera RFQ-0185-PROD 12/05/2014
Site Network Video Recorder (NVR) RFQ-0186-PROD 12/05/2014
Flexible Conduit RFQ-0188-SIV 12/03/2014
Training in Blood Sample Collection from Rodents RFP-0179-FOP 11/24/2014
Request for Quote- Winches RFQ-184-PROD-Winches 11/14/2014
Solenoid Valves RFQ-180-PROD 10/24/2014
Colo Racks and PDUs RFQ-0176-IT 10/08/2014
Brass and Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings RFQ-0177-PRD 10/03/2014
CO2-H2O Concentration Sensor RFI-175-FIU 10/03/2014

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