E-470 Public Highway Authority

E-470 Public Highway Authority

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E-470 Public Highway Authority Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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E470 AHF Parking Lot Expansion ITB-16CAHF 09/09/2016
2017 Marketing and Advertising Media Buys RFP-2017-Marketing 07/15/2016
Shingle Roof Replacements RFP-2016-O-16 07/06/2016
E-470 Ramp Door Replacement RFP-2016-O-15 05/25/2016
E470 VMS Structures RFP-2016-O-13 05/06/2016
Highway VMS Signage RFP-2016-O-14 05/06/2016
E-470 Lighting Maintenance Contract ITB-16MLIGHT 04/26/2016
E-470 Guardrail Maintenance Contract ITB-16MRAIL 04/26/2016
16MPCCP Concrete Pavement Maintenance ITB- 16MPCCP 04/26/2016
Contract 16MASPH - E470 Asphalt Pavement Maintenance ITB- 16MASPH 04/26/2016
16MBRDGE - E-470 Bridge Maintenance Contract ITB- 16MBRDG 04/26/2016
Contract 16C-PAV E-470 2016 Pavement Repairs ITB- 16C-PAV 04/25/2016
E-470 Building Automation System Upgrades RFP-2015-O-12 12/18/2015
RFP for CM/GC Preconstruction Services for E-470 Widening Project RFP-15C201 08/21/2015
E-470 Quebec Landscape Project RFP-2015-O-11 07/30/2015
E-470 15C401 Nome Street Demolition ITB-15C401 07/17/2015
RFP-15D201 E-470 Widening Design RFP-15D201 E-470 Widening Design 03/20/2015
Security System Supplies RFP-2014-O-10 01/31/2015
14C402 Sandy Acres Lake Infill ITB-14C402 Sandy Acres Lake Infill 11/10/2014
E-470 Headquarters Building Reseal 2nd Floor Windows RFQ-2014-O-9 10/20/2014
RFP RFP-14-01 05/30/2014
E-470 Fire-Lite BG-10 Fire Pulls RFQ-2014-O-7 05/15/2014
Architecture Facility Needs Assessment & Design Services RFP-2014-O-6 05/09/2014
14M301 E-470 Median Landscaping ITB-14M301 05/01/2014
E-470 Fuel Canopy Painting MSSE RFP-2014-O-8 04/30/2014

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