Denver Water Procurement

Denver Water Procurement

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Closed Solicitations

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Occupational Medicine Physician RFP-16823A 09/23/2016
Insurance Broker Services RFP-16791A 09/13/2016
RFP 16716A Investigative Services RFP-16716A 09/08/2016
Integrated Marketing Plan Development Consultant RFP-16835A 09/06/2016
Gas Detector Calibration and Maintenance RFP-16813A 08/25/2016
RFP-16762A Hazardous Materials Services RFP-16762A 08/22/2016
Engineering Project and Document Management RFP-16806A 08/22/2016
Pressure Regulating Valves IFB-16772A 08/11/2016
RFP-16732A Training Needs Assessment RFP-16732A 08/01/2016
Waste Removal - Environmental Compliance RFI-16827A 07/29/2016
JDE Procurement Implementation RFP-16759A 07/28/2016
Denver Water PVC/DI Pipe, Mechanical Joint Restraints and Fittings RFP- 16700A 07/28/2016
RFP-16752A Water Treatment Management System RFP-16752A 07/22/2016
SOQ 16600A - PolyDADMAC Prequalification SOQ-16600A 07/22/2016
RFP16755A Emergency Water Damage Cleanup RFP-16755A 07/14/2016
IFB-16754A 24 Inch Flow Meters IFB-16754A 07/13/2016
RFP-16736A - Hazardous Materials Disposal RFP-16736A 07/11/2016
Waste Removal for Outlying Areas IFB-16757A 07/07/2016
Snow Removal and Ice Management RFP-16725A 07/06/2016
Denver Water Website Development and Maintenance RFP-16598A 07/06/2016
RFP-16762A Hazardous Materials Services RFI-16762A 07/01/2016
Traffic Signal Loop Detector Installation IFB-16622A 06/27/2016
Industrial Ergonomic Program for Denver Water Employees RFP-16713A 06/20/2016
Cnstruction Services for Outlying Area IFB-16672A 05/31/2016
Denver Water Mobile Refueling RFP-16654A 05/31/2016

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