Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Utilities

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Closed Solicitations

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Language Interpretation Services RFP-SC-127280 10/11/2016
All Division-Concrete Projects RFP-KO-127506 09/28/2016
Manitou Substation Fence Expansion RFP-GM-124379 09/27/2016
Utility Locating, Potholing and Keyholing Services IFB-DF-130179 09/22/2016
Homestake Arkansas River Diversion Final Design RFP-LS-128559 09/21/2016
Power Plant Fire Protection Program: Sprinklers Design & Install RFP-MS-127834 09/20/2016
Construction Equipment Alliance RFP-MN-128589 09/16/2016
Fire Monitoring Services RFP-LB-105064r 09/15/2016
Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation Services RFP-TS-128189 09/15/2016
2016 Nis - Cisco Life Cycle Upgrades RFQ-SC-129458 09/14/2016
Flash Fill Product & Delivery Services IFB-LS-128385 09/13/2016
Support Central Firewalls RFQ-SC-130194 09/12/2016
Construct Reinforced Concrete Foundation for Electric Transmission RFP-GM-129737 09/01/2016
Front Range Power Plant Steam Turbine Controls Retrofit RFP-GM-128539 08/30/2016
Dam Condition Assessments RFP-DF-129014 08/25/2016
Solar Integration Study RFP-JC-127166 08/18/2016
Solar Program Rate Design Study RFP-JC-127167 08/18/2016
VMw VSphere Enterprise Licensing RFQ-SC-129756 08/17/2016
Inspection of Treated Water and Condensate Storage Tanks RFP-GM-126917 08/16/2016
N11609 OUTAGE: Nixon 1 Coal Handling Safety Improvements RFP-MS-128289 08/11/2016
Technical Feasibility and Alternatives Analysis for Montgomery Dam RFP-LS-128566 08/11/2016
Caretaker North Slope House Repairs IFB-LS-128436 08/09/2016
Supply and Delivery of Natural Gas Odorant RFP-JC-127396 07/28/2016
Ute Pass Tank Coating Replacement Project IFB-DF-126813 07/26/2016
All Division Roofing Services RFP-LB-127281 07/25/2016

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