Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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Colorado School of Mines Parking Lot D Expansion ITB-CSM CPC17-05R1 09/20/2016
MINES17029 Flexible Multiuser X Ray ITB-MINES17029 09/20/2016
MINES17028 Talos F200x CTEM/STEM Parts&Service IWC-MINES17028 09/09/2016
Classroom Improvements 2017 ITB-CSM CPC17-07 09/09/2016
MINES17027 Kit-13800 DQ-MINES17027 09/08/2016
MINES17025 Comsol IWC-MINES17025 09/03/2016
Colorado School of Mines Parking Lot D Expansion IH16-067 ITB-CSM CPC17-05 09/02/2016
Documented Quote for GRL Annex Pedestrian Pathway DQ-CSM CPC17-01 09/01/2016
MINES17024 Digital Monitor & Accessories DQ-MINES17024 09/01/2016
MINES17023 DQ-MINES17023 08/29/2016
MINES17021 DQ-MINES17021 08/26/2016
MINES17022 DQ-MINES17022 08/26/2016
MINES17020 Premium SMA DQ-MINES17020 08/25/2016
MINES17017 DQ-MINES17017 08/24/2016
MINES17010 FlexTest 40 Controller IWC-MINES17010 08/24/2016
CSM16183 RFP-CSM16183 08/23/2016
MINES17018 DQ-MINES17018 08/22/2016
MINES17016 DQ-MINES17016 08/22/2016
Notice of Final Settlement - GRLA Annex BP#3 - Krische NFS-CSM CPC17-04 08/22/2016
Notice of Final Settlement - GRLA Annext BP#2 - Taylor Kohrs NFS-CSM CPC17-03 08/22/2016
Notice of Final Settlement - GRLA Annex BP#1 - Lefever NFS-CSM CPC17-02 08/22/2016
MINES17019 HPGe Detector & Portable Detector DQ-MINES17019 08/19/2016
MINES17015 DQ-MINES17015 08/15/2016
MINES17014 Electric Fluxer Model M1 Prime DQ-MINES17014 08/05/2016
MINES17008 Nai Detector DQ-MINES17008 08/02/2016

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