City of Greeley

City of Greeley

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Camfield Corner Phase IV IFB-FG16-08-103 10/12/2016
65th Avenue Roadway Improvements IFB-FG16-09-107 09/28/2016
Design - Woodbriar Detention Pond and Park Upgrades RFP-FG16-08-106 09/27/2016
Electrician Services RFP-FG16-359-1 09/22/2016
Small Concrete Projects IFB-FG16-346-1 09/22/2016
Roofing Services IFB-FG16-306-1 09/22/2016
71st Ave, 12th to 22nd Street Design SOQ-FG16-08-105 09/20/2016
City of Greeley Comprehensive Plan Update for Com. Dev. RFP-FL16-08-100 09/14/2016
Plumbing Services RFP-FG16-358-1 09/08/2016
HVAC Services RFP-FG16-357-1 09/07/2016
Drug Testing Services RFP-HR17-300-1 08/31/2016
Irrigation Replacement - 27th Avenue Median IFB-FG16-08-099 08/30/2016
Retirement Plan Fiduciary Review RFP- # HR16-301 08/25/2016
Water Pollution Control Facility Solids Processing Improvements IFB-FL16-07-091 08/25/2016
Linn Grove Cemetery Fuel Site Upgrade RFP-M16-07-002 08/23/2016
Water Treatment Plant Modifications Package B SOQ-FL16-07-090 08/18/2016
Sunrise Neighborhood Drainage Improvements IFB-FG16-07-093 08/16/2016
Linn Grove Cemetery Backhoe IFB-FL16-07-089 07/21/2016
2016 Storm Drainage System Repairs IFB-FG16-356-1 07/19/2016
Sale of Surplus Troxler Nuclear Moisture Gauges ITB-Sale of Surplus Troxler Gauges 07/05/2016
Acquisition Services RFP-FG16-05-082 06/23/2016
Cache la Poudre Greenway Master Plan SOQ-FG16-06-083 06/22/2016
Appraisal Services - 10th Street Access Control - Phase 2 RFP-FG16-05-081 06/16/2016
Bellvue Intake Maintenance Project IFB-FG16-05-080 06/10/2016
2016 Concrete Repair Program IFB-FG16-05-079 06/07/2016

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