City of Grand Junction

City of Grand Junction

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Closed Solicitations

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Sale or Lease, and Redevelopment of the Property Known as R-5 RFP-4262-16-DH 09/22/2016
Re-Soliciting for the Sale or Lease, and New Development of the Pr RFP-4271-16-DH 09/22/2016
Pedestrian Lighting Installation for North Avenue (12th Street to IFB-4286-16-DH 09/14/2016
Installation for Water Treatment Plant Filter Upgrade IFB-4285-16-DH 09/13/2016
Slough Excavation, Concrete Demo and Nesting for Las Colonias Park IFB-4276-16-DH 09/13/2016
Construction and Site Work for the Las Colonias Park Amphitheater IFB-4278-16-DH 09/13/2016
Las Colonias Park Access and Trail Construction IFB-4282-16-DH 09/13/2016
B 1/2 Road Overpass at U.S. 50 Multimodal Conversion Project IFB-4199-16-DH 09/08/2016
Grand Junction Housing Authority - Phase 2 Senior Apartment Comple SOQ-4283-16-DH 09/07/2016
3/4 Ton Pickup with Utility Body IFB-4280-16-NJ 09/07/2016
Electronic Document Management System for Mesa County RFP-4274-16-NJ 09/02/2016
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facility RFP-4238-16-DH 09/01/2016
Electronics Waste Recycling RFP-4281-16-NJ 08/17/2016
Trailer Mounted Vacuum Leaf Machine IFB-4279-16-NJ 08/17/2016
Health Savings Account (HSA) Provider Services RFP-4225-16-SH 08/16/2016
Mesa County Old Courthouse Building, East Entrance Roof Replacemen IFB-4275-16-DH 08/04/2016
Road Salt Transport IFB-4272-16-NJ 08/02/2016
Hallenbeck Reservoir #1 Downstream Slope Repair Project IFB-4245-16-DH 07/21/2016
New Data Center Server Cabinets and Cold Aisle Containment for New RFP-4267-16-DH 07/20/2016
Professional Services Consultant for Right of Way Aquisition, Relo RFP-4268-16-DH 07/18/2016
Hook Lift Vacuum Leaf Loaders IFB-4261-16-NJ 07/13/2016
9 Yard V-Box Salt/Sand Spreader IFB-4263-16-NJ 07/13/2016
6 Yard V-Box Salt/Sand Spreader IFB-4264-16-NJ 07/13/2016
Tailgate Salt/Sand Spreader IFB-4265-16-NJ 07/13/2016

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