City of Federal Heights

City of Federal Heights

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Closed Solicitations

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2016 Cured In-Place Pipe Lining Project RFB-JH-SWR041602 09/02/2016
2016 100th Ave. Paving & Waterline Replacement Project WTR 021615 RFB-JH-WTR 021615 08/19/2016
2016 Citywide Pavement and Concrete Replacement Project RD041605 RFB-JH-RD041605 08/05/2016
Engineering Services - Design & Construction Management RFP-AN-ES011506 10/05/2015
2015 Paving Project RD041505 RFB-AN-RD041505 06/30/2015
2015 Waterline Project, West 92nd Avenue; Federal to Clay RFB-AN-CIP021515 04/28/2015
2015 Sanitary Sewer and Manhole Lining Project RFB-AN-CIP011502 03/27/2015
EMS Billing RFP RFP-SE-FD 2014-01 01/09/2015
Federal Heights 2014 Pavement Marking RFB-AN-02 09/18/2014
Asphalt Patching and Crack Sealing RFB-CE-10 07/18/2014
Citywide Stormwater Project, CIP 06-14-3 RFB-CE-CIP-06-14-3 07/11/2014
Miscellaneous Design Projects Project No. ES-04-14-6 RFP-CE-ES-04-14-6 05/07/2014
Citywide Asphalt Rehabilitation RFB-CE-RD-03-14-5 04/15/2014
Material Testing and Material Engineering Services RFP-CE-ES-05-14-6 03/28/2014
Citywide Water Projects RFB-CE-02-14-15 03/18/2014
Police Department Parking Lot Lighting Request for Proposals RFP-SD-2014-01 02/14/2014
Municipal Grounds Fertilizing and Weed Spraying RFB-SD- 2014 -02 02/07/2014
Cured-in-Place Pipe and Manhole Lining, Project No. CIP 10-13-2 RFB-CE-21 12/04/2013
Carports for Police and Fire Department Vehicles RFB-SD- 2013-03 11/15/2013
Street Pavement Evaluation and Maintenance Recommendation RFB-SD- 2013 - 02 10/02/2013
Asphalt Crack Sealing, Project No. RD-09-13-5 RFB-CE-007 10/02/2013
Citywide Concrete Project, CIP No. CIP-04-13-3,4 RFB-CE-006 09/13/2013
2013 Asphalt Pavement Patching Service RFB-CE-3 07/19/2013
Citywide Water Projects, CIP 03-13-15 RFB-CE-01 07/12/2013
Engineering Services, Miscellaneous Design Projects RFP-CE-1 06/07/2013

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