City of Commerce City

City of Commerce City

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Closed Solicitations

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CRAC Unit Replacement RFP-MT-01-2016 12/31/2016
On-Call Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance RFP-MT-02-2016 09/15/2016
Colorado Boulevard & East 72nd Avenue Rail Line Station Area Imp. RFP-ET-2014-06-PW 08/29/2016
2016 Commerce City Citywide Tree Replacement RFP-UA-PRG-2016-10 08/22/2016
2016 Mill and Overlay and 120th & Buckley Intersection Project ITB-MD-MILL & OVERLAY 08/08/2016
E. 72nd Avenue Infrastructure Improvements ITB-JN-2014-07-PW 07/29/2016
City of Commerce City - Dust Control Services RFP-MD-DUST 2016 07/22/2016
2016 Concrete Flatwork Replacement & Repair ITB-JN-2016-02-PM 07/15/2016
Chambers Bridge Widening ITB-JN-2015-02-PW-C 07/11/2016
Highway 2 Widening Project ITB-MD-PW-02-2014 07/08/2016
2016 Slurry Seal and Pavement Repair ITB-JN-2016-01-PM 07/07/2016
Inventory Managaement Software System- PD RFI-JI-RFI-PD-INVENTORY MGMT SOFTWARE 06/24/2016
Tower Road Widening Project - Quality Assurance Testing Services RFP-MD-03-2014 06/07/2016
North Metropolitan Industrial Area Connectivity Study RFP-MH-CMO-16-01 05/31/2016
ADA Audit and Transition Plan ITB-TJ-PK-2016-09 05/31/2016
RFP for Police Department Public Safety Scheduling System RFP-JI-PD-SCHED SYS-2016 05/13/2016
On Demand Land Surveying Services RFP-AF-2-PK-2016-04 04/27/2016
Tower Rd at Pena Blvd Improvements Project - Environ & Design Svcs RFP-MD-2014-04-PW 04/22/2016
2016 Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation ITB-JS-2016-02-PM 04/21/2016
Chambers Bridge Widening & Multi-Use Trail ITB-JN-2015-02-PW-B 04/15/2016
On Demand Pool and Fountain Maintenance and Repair Services RFP-AF-PK-2016-05 04/11/2016
On Demand Portable Toilet Rental Services RFP-AF-PK-2016-06 04/11/2016
On Demand Tree Maintenance and Removal Services RFP-AF-PK-2016-07 04/11/2016
On Demand Vault Restroom Pumping Services RFP-AF-PK-2016-08 04/11/2016
On demand electrical repair and service at various City buildings RFP-AF-PK-2016-01 04/11/2016

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