City of Cherry Hills Village

City of Cherry Hills Village

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Closed Solicitations

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2016 Village Center Design RFP-2016 Village Center Design 08/26/2016
2016 Public Works Facility RFP-2016 Public Works Facility 07/15/2016
2016 Chipseal Project RFB-2016 Chipseal Project 03/01/2016
2016 Asphalt RFB- 2016 Asphalt 03/01/2016
2016 Concrete Project RFB-2016 Concrete Project 03/01/2016
2016 John Meade Park Design RFP-2016 John Meade Park Design 02/08/2016
2015 Concrete Project RFB-2015 Concrete Project 09/11/2015
2015 City Manager RFQ-JG-15 City Manager 08/28/2015
2015 Traffic Analysis RFP-Traffic 08/24/2015
Trail Inventory and Long Range Master Plan RFP-Trail Inventory and Long Range Master Plan 08/06/2015
2015 Benefits Consulting RFP-2015 Benefits Consulting 07/15/2015
2015 Chipseal Project RFB-2015 Chipseal 02/25/2015
2015 Bike Path Slurry Seals RFB-2015 Bike Path Slurry Seals 02/25/2015
2015 Improved Broadband Communications Infrastructure Analysis RFP-Broadband 02/20/2015
RFP-John Meade Park RFP-John Meade 09/19/2014
2014 Concrete Replacement RFB-2014 Concrete Project 05/07/2014
2014 Asphalt Paving Project RFB-2014 Asphalt Paving Project 05/07/2014
2013 Street Striping Project RFP-2013 Street Striping Project 05/10/2013
Public Works Facility Review RFP-Public Works Facility Review 04/01/2013
Quincy Farm Visioning Committee Facilitator RFP-Quincy Farm Visioning Committee Facilitator 03/18/2013
2013 Asphalt Overlay and Milling Project RFB-Asphalt Overlay and Milling Project 03/18/2013
2013 Chipseal Project RFB-2013 Chipseal Project 03/18/2013
2013 Concrete Replacement Project RFB-2013 Concrete Replacement Project 03/18/2013

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