City of Aurora

City of Aurora

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Closed Solicitations

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Fitasimons-Peoria Stormwater Outfall Engineering Services RFP-R1799 10/06/2016
Annual HR Employment & Income Verification Services RFP-R-1800 09/23/2016
Removal & Disposal of Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Tank Sludge IFB-B-4188 09/22/2016
Filter Media for Griswold Water Treatment Plant IFB-B-4191 09/21/2016
West Toll Gate Creek Trail Replacement IFB-5457A 09/20/2016
Custodial Services for the Aurora Municipal Center Campus SOQ-16-4181 09/19/2016
Central Recreation Center CMGC SOQ Prequalification SOQ-16-5440A 09/16/2016
State Lobbying Services RFP-R-1801 09/16/2016
Sand Trap Pumping and Cleaning Services IFB-B-4186 09/13/2016
Tree Removal with Stump Grinding on Public Right of Way IFB-5536A 09/13/2016
Preventative Maint & On Call Repair Svcs for HVAC Systems RFP-R-1797 09/09/2016
Custodial Services - Northern Half of the City SOQ-4185 09/08/2016
Saddle Rock Golf Maintenance Roof Replacement IFB-5539A 09/07/2016
Utah Pool Recreation Building Roof Replacement IFB-5538A 09/07/2016
2016 Median Pilot Project IFB-5512A 09/07/2016
2016 Concrete Rehabilitation Program IFB-16005 09/06/2016
Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Electric Bikes RFP-R-1798 09/02/2016
2016 Miscellaneous Stormwater Rehabilitation IFB-5513A 09/01/2016
Food Service Vendor - At-Risk After School Program IFB-B-4187 08/29/2016
Arc Flash Reduction Project SOQ-16-5537A 08/26/2016
Prologis Lift Station Improvements IFB-5499A 08/18/2016
VMWare NSX Network Virtualization Platform IFB-B-4184 08/15/2016
Pre-Invitation Notice Gaylord Rockies Project Bid Pack–Low Voltage IFB-Pre-Invitation Notice 4 Gaylord Rockies Project 08/11/2016
VMWare VSphere Software Upgrade IFB-B-4183 08/11/2016
Consult Services - Cultural Arts District Art Space Assessment RFP-R-1794 08/09/2016

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