Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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Architectural / Engineering Services, School #33 RFQ-KJ-17-008 08/17/2016
Musical Instruments for Horizon High School ITB-CD-17-007 07/29/2016
Northglenn Middle School Crawlspace Ventilation Project ITB-KJ-17-004 07/27/2016
Multi-School Perimeter Caulking Project ITB-KJ-17-002 07/21/2016
Multi-School Protective Coatings Project ITB-KJ-16-110 06/29/2016
District Lab Pack Pickup and Disposal - Summer 2016 ITB-KJ-16-109 06/24/2016
Softball Field Scoreboard at Legacy High School ITB-SS-16-108 06/23/2016
District Wide CCTV Equipment, Installation and Repair Services RFP-KJ-16-107 06/22/2016
Annual Fire Door Drop Testing, Overhead Door Maint and Repair RFP-KJ-16-106 06/21/2016
Riverdale Playground Sitework and Play Equipment Installation ITB-KJ-16-104 06/07/2016
District Wide HVAC Cooling and Boiler Replacements ITB-KJ-16-095 06/02/2016
Bad Debt Recovery RFP-CD-16-092 06/02/2016
RAB Lighting LED Retrofit Project ITB-KJ-16-101 06/01/2016
Android Tablets RFP-CD-16-094 05/26/2016
Mountain Range HS Football Uniforms ITB-CD-16-096 05/26/2016
Pizza Program - District's Nutrition Services Department RFP-CD-16-098 05/25/2016
Northglenn Middle School Crawlspace Remediation ITB-KJ-16-099 05/23/2016
E-Rate Consulting Services RFP-KJ-16-090 05/19/2016
Thornton High School HVAC Reno Abatement Project ITB-KJ-16-097 05/18/2016
Embroidered Apparel for Nutrition Services ITB-CD-16-070 05/05/2016
Athletic Tape for 2016/2017 ITB-SS-16-091 04/29/2016
Purchase of Surplus-Used Books RFP-CD-16-076 04/14/2016
Dark Fiber, Lit Fiber or Self Provisioned Connectivity Project RFP-KJ-16-072 04/14/2016
ITB 16-083 Hobart Dishwasher ITB-CD-16-083 04/12/2016
ITB 16-089 Appliances for Nutrition Services ITB-CD-16-089 04/12/2016

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