Academy District 20

Academy District 20

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Closed Solicitations

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Custodial Services RFP-JY-13-0408 05/13/2013
Inspections of BB Goals / Indoor and Outdoor Bleachers RFP-PS-13 PMS-0409 05/08/2013
Timberview and Eagleview Middle Schools Replacement of Gym Floors RFP-JY-13-0208 04/01/2013
Wireless LAN Solution for Three Schools RFP-JY-13-JY-0308 03/29/2013
District-wide Computer/Technology Purchase Contract RFP-GS-GPS-0201 02/22/2013
IT Microfiche Conversion RFP-CW-12-CW-0424 02/20/2013
Disposal of Surplus IT Equipment and Electronics RFP-JY-0122 02/08/2013
Chinook Trail Elementary School Math Curriculum RFP-JY-12-1109 12/03/2012
Fuel Management and Underground Tank Monitoring Systems RFP-CW-12-0927 11/09/2012
Fuel Management and Underground Tank Monitoring Systems RFP-CW-12-CW-0927 10/10/2012
Web Filter RFP-JY-0802 08/27/2012
SharePoint Web Page Developer Services RFP-JY-120705 07/27/2012
Sound System for PCHS RFP-TK-WBK-0523 06/05/2012
ADA Compliant Swimming Pool Chair Lifts RFP-PS-12 PMS 0521 05/30/2012
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Units RFP-CW-12-CW-0503 05/14/2012
HP Networking Equipment RFP-PS-12-PMS-0410 04/23/2012
Cognitive Aptitude or Intelligence Test Materials RFP-JY-12-JY-0405 04/23/2012
Mechanical Electrical Structural Engineering Design Support RFP-CW-CW-0402 04/16/2012
Sports Field Fertilization RFP-PS-12-PMS-0224 Revised on 2.29.12 03/09/2012
Pine Creek High School - Bookkeepers Office Renovation RFP-PS-12-PMS-0131 03/02/2012
Sports Field Fertilization RFP-PS-12-PMS-0224 02/29/2012

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