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The information below is a summary of solicitation number RFP-JG-15- Welby Playground Equipment posted by Mapleton Public School.  As a reminder, this solicitation is closed and responses are no longer being accepted.

Playground Equipment and Install

Date Issued: 06/25/2015

Deadline: 07/14/2015  prior to 2:00 PM   M.D.T.

Requisition Number:

Delivery Point: Denver, CO

Delivery Date: TBD

Type of Purchase: Term: Unspecified

Construction Related: Yes

Type of Response Allowed: Hard Copy Only

Issuing Agency: Mapleton Public School

Using Department: Purchsing

Special Notices: All or None Award
Bid Bond Required
Bidder Prequalification/Preregistration Required
Brand Name or Approved Equal
Contractors License Required
FOB Destination
Installation Required
Insurance Required
Labor and Materials Bond Required
Payment Bond Required
Performance Bond Required
Prevailing Wage Required
Warranty Information Required


Due Date: 7/8/2015 2:00:00 PM M.D.T.

Primary Contact Name: Mrs. Janet Gibbons

Title: Purchasing



SCOPE OF WORK Welby Community- Playground Equipment and Install Furnish all labor, equipment, materials, supplies, tools, rentals, and transportation to perform all operations in connection with project to complete site prep for new installation of new playground equipment. All Work completed on the project will be performed in compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act and Federal Labor Standards Provisions (See Attachment 1, Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wages; and Attachment 2, HUD-4010 Form; and Attachment 3, Davis-Bacon Bid Language). All workers employed on this project shall receive the minimum prevailing Davis-Bacon wage requirements or latest version. Wage requirements may change prior to start of work; current wage rates are in effect at the time of the bid opening. Wages will be effective 90 days after bid opening. If construction contract is not signed within the 90 day period, the most current wage rates will be in effect at that time. On all federally funded projects the apparent awarded vendor must be verified that they are no listed as debarred on the SAMS debarment list. Mapleton Public Schools will verify debarment prior to award. • Provide the following list of playground equipment or approved equivalent. Qty . little tikes Part # Description  2 100001127 KB LONG DK/DK PLATE 205MM/8"  2 100001134 KB DK/DK PLATE 203 MM/8" 1 200006993 POLE SLIDE 1625 MM/64" KB  1 200013798 KB 136" GALV POST WITH PLASTIC CAP  4 200013801 KB 176" GALV POST WITH PLASTIC CAP  4 200013810 KB 148" GALV POST WITH PLASTIC CAP  1 200016532 PANEL COUNTER F/STORE FRONT KB (STEEL)  2 200069056 KB 186"/4725MM GALV POST W/PLASTIC CAP  4 200069058 KB 213"/5410MM GALV POST W/PLASTIC CAP  1 200069490 SLIDE DURAGLIDE 10 SEGMENT F/KB  2 200072380 KBP MESH SQUARE ROOF (2001)  6 200092591 STEPPING STONES F/KB  1 200125540 STEPS DECK/DECK 610 MM W/SFTY RAILS F/K  1 200200663 KB TELESCOPE PANEL DKMT  1 200201119 KB MEDIUM VERTICAL CHAIN NET CLIMBER  1 200201120 KB LARGE VERTICAL CHAIN NET CLIMBER  1 200202051 KB 96" 3-D ROCK CHALLENGE WALL  1 200202180 KB WILD RUNG CLIMBER 40" 1 200202202 MAXPLAY 8' STANDARD BEAM 4 200202204 MAXPLAY 8' ADD-ON STANDARD BEAM  1 200202293 KB STEEL CURVED CLIMBING WALL  1 200202427 KB VERTICAL POD CLIMBER 80"  1 200202480 KB TILTED ROCK CHALLENGE WALL 80"  2 200202483 KB DECK SQUARE LARGE HOLE 11GA  4 200202488 KB DECK 1/2 SQUARE LARGE HOLE 11GA  1 200202510 KB MORPHOUS SLIDE 2440MM(96") LEFT  1 200202558 KB TRANS STAT 1016 SFTY RL 11GA  1 200202802 KB X-CLIMB  10 200202835 ASSY BELT SEAT F/8' SWING W/CHAIN Install approximately 4,000sf* of fiber felt, drain tiles and engineered wood fiber to a depth of no less than 12” deep after compaction. (*bidder to verify actual square footage needed)  • Install all playground equipment Option: • Install ten (10) swing set mats under each swing. (can be installed either under or over the wood fiber)  

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