Denver Public Schools

Denver Public Schools

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Closed Solicitations

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3-5 Literacy IFB-MW-3_5Literacy 01/30/2015
BD1715 Paper, Plastic & Foil Products IFB-VG-ITB-BD1715 Paper, Plastic & Foil Products 01/06/2015
IFB-VG-BD1714 Fresh IFB-VG-BD1714 Fresh Product Supplier 12/19/2014
Request for Qote 15-012 Sugar IFB-VG-15-012 Sugar 12/19/2014
IFB-VG-Q15-011 Banana Bread IFB-VG-Q15-011 Banana Bread 11/25/2014
Q15-007 Convection Oven IFB-DC-Q15-007 11/24/2014
IFB-VG-15-008 Natural Energy Bars IFB-VG-15-008 Natural Energy Bars 11/24/2014
IFB-VG-15-009 Rice Krispies IFB-VG-15-009 Rice Krispies 11/24/2014
IFB-VG-Q15-010 Warehouse Uniforms IFB-VG-Q15-010 Warehouse Uniforms 11/24/2014
BD1705 Carbonated Vended Beverages and Sponsorship RFP-DC-BD1705 Carbonated Vended Beverages and Sponsorship 09/24/2014
BD1700 Canned Fruits and Vegetables IFB-DC-BD1700 Canned Fruits and Vegetables 08/21/2014
Q15-005 Packing Boxes IFB-DC-Q15-005 Packing Boxes 08/21/2014
Cutting for Canned Goods RFI-DC- Cutting for Canned Goods 06/19/2014
BD1632 Food Service Equipment Repair and Maintenance RFP-DC-BD1632 Food Service Equipment Repair and Maintenance 05/08/2014
BD1625 Food Service Cleaning Supplies IFB-DC-BD1625 Food Service Cleaning Supplies 05/01/2014
BD1630 Frozen and Refrigerated Foods IFB-DC-BD1630 Frozen and Refrigerated Foods 04/24/2014
BD1631 Milk, Juice and Dairy Products, Delivered School to School RFP-DC-BD1631 Milk, Juice and Dairy Products, Delivered 04/24/2014
BD1628 Vending Supplies RFP-DC-BD1628 Vending Supplies 04/17/2014
BD1624 Groceries and Food Staples IFB-DC-BD1624 Groceries and Food Staples 04/10/2014
BD1619 Food Service Software System RFI-DC-BD1619. Food Service Software System 03/28/2014
BD1619 Food Service Software System RFI-DC-BD1619 Food Service Software System 03/27/2014
Q14-018 Byers Equipment IFB-DC-Q14-018 Byers Equipment 03/26/2014
BD1623 Cereal, Crackers,Shells & Tortilla Chips IFB-DC-BD1623 Cereal, Crackers,Shells & Tortilla Chips 03/13/2014
BD1622 Smallwares, Mops and Textiles IFB-DC-BD1622 Smallwares, Mops & Textiles 02/13/2014
Student Registration Software for Emily Griffith Technical College RFP-JT-BD1613 12/12/2013

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