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Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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CSM16059 Thermo Freezer DQ-CSM16059 10/26/2015
IH15-028 CH 155 Fumehood and Laboratory Casework DQ-CSM CPC16-009 10/26/2015
CSM16058 Potentiostat Galvanostat DQ-CSM16058 10/22/2015
CSM16057 PANalytical Services IWC-CSM16057 10/20/2015
CSM16054 Olympus Equipment DQ-CSM16054 10/19/2015
CSM16056 Quadrasorb DQ-CSM16056 10/19/2015
IH13-094 Final Settlement with Performance Surfaces, LLC NFS-CSM CPC16-008 10/16/2015
CSM16052 Micro Dosing System DQ-CSM16052 10/13/2015
CSM16049 Custom Tables DQ-CSM16049 10/13/2015
CSM16050 PNA Network Analyzer DQ-CSM16050 10/09/2015
CSM16051 Maintenace Tool Vox, Blue Alert DQ-CSM16051 10/09/2015
CSM16047 pH Stat Titrator DQ-CSM16047 10/08/2015
CSM16048 Pressure Apparatus DQ-CSM16048 10/05/2015
CSM16042 SIP Measurement Instruments DQ-CSM16042 09/30/2015
CSM16043 Mats for Wrestling DQ-CSM16043 09/30/2015
CSM16035 Tuition Elasticity Study RFP-CSM16035 09/29/2015
CSM16039 VMware DQ-CSM16039 09/29/2015
CSM16040 Flooded Heat Exchanger DQ-CSM16040 09/29/2015
CSM16041 Kubota Tractors DQ-CSM16041 09/29/2015
CSM16029 Business Process Workflow Management System RFP-CSM16029 09/23/2015
CSM16036 Oscilloscope DQ-CSM16036 09/22/2015
CSM16038 Process Control Unit & Fixed Bed Adsorption DQ-CSM16038 09/22/2015
CSM16045 CMPD Microscope DQ-CSM16045 09/22/2015
CSM16037 Trip to Ireland DQ-CSM16037 09/21/2015
CSM16034 Computers and Part DQ-CSM16034 09/17/2015

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