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Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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CSM16081 Agilent Lab Equip IWC-CSM16081 Agilent Lab Equip 12/11/2015
CSM16078 PXI System DQ-CSM16078 12/04/2015
CSM16079 IWC-CSM16079 12/03/2015
Partial Contractor's Settlement with MW Golden Constructors NPS-CSM CPC16-014 12/02/2015
Heating Plant Renovation General Contractor two part AFB ITB-CSM CPC 16-005 12/02/2015
Partial Contractor's Settlement with GH Phipps Construction Co NPS-CSM CPC16-013 11/29/2015
CSM16074 Versare Fence Silver DQ-CSM16074 11/24/2015
CSM16072 Software Monitoring Dell IWC-CSM16072 11/19/2015
CSM16073 ASTM IWC-CSM16073 11/19/2015
CSM16069 Herring Group Sole Source IWC-CSM16069 11/16/2015
CSM16070 Scribner Sole Source IWC-CSM16070 11/16/2015
CSM16071 Disposal of Waste IWC-CSM16071 11/16/2015
CSM16053 Feasibility Study for Daycare Center RFP-CSM16053 11/13/2015
IH14-079 2-Step AFB for Mechanical Contractors ITB-CSM CPC16-012 11/13/2015
IH14-079 2-Step AFB for Electrical Contractors ITB-CSM CPC16-011 11/13/2015
CSM16068 Music Lab System DQ-CSM16068 11/09/2015
CSM16067 Red Hammer Software DQ-CSM16067 11/09/2015
CSM16065 DMA 4200 M DQ-CSM16065 11/05/2015
CSM16063 Environmental Manager SSP (AppSense Renewal) DQ-CSM16063 11/05/2015
CSM16060 IWC-CSM16060 11/03/2015
CSM16064 Blastercards DQ-CSM16064 11/03/2015
Consultation and Training Services on Cognos Report Writing IWC-CSM16066 11/03/2015
CSM16061 Ford F250 4x4 Plow Trucks DQ-CSM16061 11/02/2015
CSM16062 Pulse Compression Gratings DQ-CSM16062 11/02/2015
CSM16055 32 core workstation DQ-CSM16055 10/28/2015

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