Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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CSM16101 DQ-CSM16101 01/21/2016
CSM16083 Water Treatment RFP-CSM16083 01/20/2016
CSM16102 Relocation Cluster Tool & SCCDS IWC-CSM16102 01/19/2016
CSM16100 MS-TS & MS303TS DQ-CSM16100 01/18/2016
CSM16099 Hardware Project Parts DQ-CSM16099 01/13/2016
CSM16094 DQ-CSM16094 01/13/2016
CSM16088 ITB-CSM16088 01/13/2016
Green Center Bunker Auditorium Lighting Fixtures and Accessories DQ-CSM CPC16-015 01/12/2016
CSM16098 DQ-CSM16098 01/12/2016
CSM16095 Focus 3D X 330 Univ DQ-CSM16095 01/11/2016
Mechanical Contractors for Heating Plant Renovation two step AFB ITB-CSM CPC 16-007 01/08/2016
Electrical Contractors for Heating Plant Renovation two part AFB ITB-CSM CPC 16-006 01/08/2016
Moving Optic Tables DQ-CSM16097 01/08/2016
Constituent Relationship Management Solution RFP-CSM16080 01/08/2016
CSM16093 DQ-CSM16093 01/06/2016
CSM16092 Oracle ZFS Storage DQ-CSM16092 01/05/2016
CSM16090 D2 Phaser Diffractometer DQ-CSM16090 12/24/2015
Leica Microscope DQ-CSM16091 12/22/2015
IH14-079 2-Step AFB for General Contractors ITB-CSM CPC16-010 12/21/2015
CSM16077 ITB-CSM16077 12/18/2015
Checkpoint Software License and support/maintenance agreement DQ-CSM16084 12/17/2015
CSM16089 2014 Ford Explorer DQ-CSM16089 12/16/2015
CSM16087 HCLP Science Equipment DQ-CSM16087 12/15/2015
CSM16085 Google Search DQ-CSM16085 12/14/2015
CSM16086 ICS-1100-2100 DQ-CSM16086 12/14/2015

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