Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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CSM16115 DQ-CSM16115 03/08/2016
Repair Campus Steam Branch ITB-CSM CPC16-019 03/07/2016
Standing Order Contractor Pre-qualification RFP-CSM2017 03/07/2016
CSM16125 Kawasaki Mule 4010 4x4 DQ-CSM16125 03/07/2016
CSM16109 DQ-CSM16109 03/07/2016
CSM16116 DQ-CSM16116 03/04/2016
CSM16111 AORP RFP-CSM16111 AORP 03/03/2016
CSM16053-1 Feasibility Study Daycare RFP-CSM16053-1 Feasibility Study Daycare 03/02/2016
CSM16124 DQ-CSM16124 02/29/2016
CSM160121 DQ-CSM16121 02/25/2016
CSM16118 IBM Power System S822LC DQ-CSM16118 02/24/2016
CSM16123 M-2000 DQ-CSM16123 02/22/2016
CSM16122 Industrial Tube Fan DQ-CSM16122 02/22/2016
CSM16120 IWC-CSM16120 02/18/2016
CSM16117 DQ-CSM16117 02/17/2016
CSM16112 Dualem 42S DQ-CSM16112 02/12/2016
CSM16103 250kN Test System DQ-CSM16103 250kN Test System 02/08/2016
CSM16113 Hydrate Test System IWC-CSM16113 02/04/2016
CSM16104 3D Aranus 5M DQ-CSM16104 02/04/2016
CSM16110 Rackform U638 DQ-CSM16110 01/29/2016
CSM16105 IWC-CSM16105 01/29/2016
CSM16106 DQ-CSM16106 01/26/2016
CSM16107 JADE 2010 IWC-CSM16107 01/26/2016
Contract Management Database RFP-CSM16075 01/22/2016
MP Fiber - IH16-003 ITB-CSM CPC16-016 01/21/2016

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