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Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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MINES17011 Twin Jet Electropolisher & Automatic Power Control DQ-MINES17011 08/01/2016
MINES17013 nXDS10i Scroll Pump DQ-MINES17013 08/01/2016
MINES17012 Dual Axis Metallographic DQ-MINES17012 07/29/2016
MINES17009 Amplifiers, Generators, Analyzers and Power Supply DQ-MINES17009 07/28/2016
MINES17002 Managing Change for Administrative Processes RFP-MINES17002 07/28/2016
GRL Annex Screening Landscape Project #IH16-061 DQ-CSM CPC16-026 07/26/2016
Notice of Final Settlement / IH14-077 NFS-IH14-077 07/22/2016
IH14-091 CH120 Conoco Phillips Center NFS-CSM CPC 15-014 07/22/2016
IH14-092 NFS-CSM CPC 15-015 07/22/2016
Final Settlement with Earth Services & Abatement - Student Center NFS-CSM CPC16-025 07/22/2016
Notice of Final Settlement - Campus Primary Electrical project NFS-CSM CPC16-024 07/22/2016
MINES17007 LEAP 4000 XSi DQ-MINES17007 07/21/2016
CSM17000 AORP - Plan, Recordkeeping, Trustee RFP-CSM17000 07/20/2016
MINES17003 Diamond Drill with both free booms ITB-MINES17003 07/19/2016
MINES17004 Quasi-triaxial velocity and permeability system ITB-MINES17004 07/15/2016
CSM16147 Climate Survey Provider RFP-CSM16147 07/14/2016
MINES17006 Lock Load Chamber IWC-MINES17006 07/14/2016
RFP-CSM16191 RFP-CSM16191 07/11/2016
Notice of Partial Settlement - Saunders Construction Inc. NPS-CSM CPC16-023 07/08/2016
Notice of Contractor's Settlement NFS-CSM CPC16-022 07/08/2016
CSM16175-1 WordPress Web Hosting RFP-CSM16175-1 07/07/2016
Arthur Lakes Library Renovation RFQ-CSM CPC16-021 07/01/2016
CSM16200 Laser Flash Photolysis Spectrometer DQ-CSM16200 06/30/2016
CSM16201 YAG Laser Mid Band OPO DQ-CSM16201 06/30/2016
CSM16199 3 Phase Flow Separator DQ-CSM16199 06/29/2016

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