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Colorado School of Mines

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Closed Solicitations

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CSM16033 Vernier Equipment DQ-CSM16033 09/11/2015
CSM16032 Controlled Atmosphere Furnace DQ-CSM16032 09/10/2015
CSM16044 Roskill DQ-CSM16044 09/10/2015
CSM16046 SparkFun Ardunio Kits DQ-CSM16046 09/10/2015
CSM16031-Keysight Probes DQ-CSM16031 09/03/2015
CSM16030 Blast Chamber DQ-CSM16030 09/01/2015
CSM16030-MTS IWC-CSM16030 09/01/2015
CSM16027 Chemicals RFP-CSM16027 08/29/2015
CSM16028 HSC 8 Software DQ-CSM16028 08/29/2015
CSM16023 Netbackup Software DQ-CSM16023 08/28/2015
CSM16024 Mail Security Software DQ-CSM16024 08/28/2015
CSM16026-Slurm Support IWC-CSM16026 08/28/2015
CSM16014-Trip to Ireland DQ-CSM16014 08/28/2015
CSM16025 Eathquake Relcoation Tech & Software DQ-CSM16025 08/27/2015
CSM16022 Lithium (Bromide, Molybdate, Nitrate) DQ-CSM16022 08/26/2015
CSM16020 Used Ford Transit Vans DQ-CSM16020 08/24/2015
CSM16021 SAS Software IWC-CSM16021 08/24/2015
CSM16019-VenTek Parking Meters IWC-CSM16019 08/24/2015
CSM16017 Microscope Parts DQ-CSM16017 08/21/2015
CSM16018 Petrophysical Measurement DQ-CSM16018 08/19/2015
Notice of Final Settlement IH13-052 NFS-CSM CPC16-004 08/19/2015
CSM16016 VIPSYS SR Server DQ-CSM16016-1 08/17/2015
Final Settlement for GRL Rad Lab NFS-CSM CPC16-003 08/14/2015
CSM16015 3D Printers DQ-CSM16015 08/14/2015
Mines Park Playground DQ-CSM CPC16-001 08/13/2015

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