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City of Greeley

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Open Solicitations

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Closed Solicitations

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Forbes Field Irrigation and Field Improvements ITB-FG14-07-105 08/12/2014
Sod Installation at Bittersweet Park ITB-G14-07-104 08/05/2014
Design and Engineering of a 5 MG Water Tank SOQ-FL14-07-096 08/01/2014
Top Dressing Material - Delivered and Spread ITB-G14-07-103 07/31/2014
Emergency Battery Inverter System at the Rec Center and UCCC IFB-FG14-07-098 07/30/2014
UCCC Restroom Remodel ITB-G14-07-100 07/25/2014
11th Avenue Stormwater Repairs IFB-FG14-07-097 07/15/2014
2014 Sunrise Neighborhood Improvements IFB-FG14-06-095 07/15/2014
Police Headquarter Elevator Controller Replacement Project IFB-FL14-06-092 07/15/2014
Roof Replacements at Centennial Village IFB-FG14-05-080-R 07/09/2014
New Electrical Service - Poudre Trail Red Barn ITB-G14-06-094 07/08/2014
FunPlex Pool Boiler Replacement IFB-FG14-06-093 07/02/2014
Roof Replacement at Centennial Village IFB-FG14-05-080 06/24/2014
Furniture for WPCF ITB-G14-05-089 06/20/2014
8th Avenue - 16th to 14th Street IFB-FG14-05-090 06/17/2014
2014 High Park Fire Soil Stabilization Phase A & B RFP-FL14-05-079 06/12/2014
Water Pollution Control Facility Replacement/Upgrade of HVAC Equip IFB-FL14-04-072 06/10/2014
New Home Construction at 1325 13th Street (Re-Bid) IFB-FG14-04-065-R 06/05/2014
Floor Coating Replacement ITB-G14-05-087 06/05/2014
Fiber Installation at the Bus Garage Building ITB-L14-05-081 06/03/2014
University District Signs ITB-G14-05-085 06/03/2014
City Hall Annex Door Replacement ITB-G14-05-086 05/30/2014
Bus Shelter ITB-G14-05-078-R 05/30/2014
Fire Engine RFP- FL14-04-064 05/30/2014

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