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City of Boulder

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Closed Solicitations

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2014 Boulder Waterline Replacement RFB-10-2014 02/18/2014
Mesa Memorial Park RFB-12-2014 02/18/2014
Four Year Workstation, Tablet & Laptop Station RFP-14-2014 02/14/2014
Traffic Signal Materials & Installation RFB-14-2014 02/06/2014
2 MG Gunbarrel Tank Repair Project RFB-01-2014 02/05/2014
Economic Impact Services RFQ-07-2014 02/04/2014
Transfer/Joint Use of Facilities for Electrical Distribution Syste RFP-06-2014 01/27/2014
Mobile Device Management Solution RFP-70-2013 01/17/2014
Abatement Services for Nuisance Violations RFB-04-2014 01/16/2014
Monitoring of Flood Debris/Sediment Removal from Creeks & Drainage RFP-03-2014 01/15/2014
Sediment Removal from Creeks and Drainages and Adjacent Property RFB-56-2013 01/15/2014
Debris Removal from Creeks and Drainages and Adjacent Property RFB-57-2013 01/15/2014
West Pearl Streetscape Improvements RFB-55-2013 12/19/2013
New Electric Utility - Transition Planning RFP-68-2013 12/18/2013
Collection & Shelving Moving Services for Main Library Renovation RFB-67-2013 12/17/2013
Specialty Furniture for Main Library Renovation RFB-61-2013 12/17/2013
Library Shelving Systems for Boulder Public Main Library RFB-60-2013 12/17/2013
Audio Visual Systems & Equipment for Main Library RFB-59-2013 12/17/2013
Council Chambers Audio Video Systems and Equipment RFB-66-2013 11/25/2013
Consulting Services: Stormwater and Flood Management Utility RFQ-63-2013 11/22/2013
Barker Caretaker Home Construction RFB-64-2013 11/21/2013
Management of Specialized Camps RFP-52-2013 11/05/2013
City Yards Sediment Removal & Disposal RFB-65-2013 11/01/2013
Credit/Debit Card Processing Services RFP-47-2013 10/25/2013
Wood Sports Flooring System Replacement RFB-45-2013 10/23/2013

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