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City of Boulder

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Closed Solicitations

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Foothill Community Park Area Prairie Dog RFP-26-2013 05/20/2013
Public Art Consultation RFQ-2502013 05/17/2013
Independent Review Verification - Modeling of New Electric Utility RFP-21-2013 04/29/2013
Operations and management of the Pottery Lab RFI-19-2013 04/26/2013
Arapahoe Reconstruction - Folsom St to 15th Street RFB-16-2013 04/17/2013
14th Street Transportation Improvements: Canyon Blvd to Walnut St RFB-17-2103 04/12/2013
Consulting Services: Transportation Planning & Operations Services RFQ-13-2013 03/18/2013
Kohler Reservoir Roof Repair RFB-05-2013 03/06/2013
Zero Waste Program Evaluation Study RFP-12-2013 02/25/2013
Security Officer Services Main Library & Downtown Municipal Campus RFP-10-2013 02/19/2013
Abatement Services RFB-11-2013 02/19/2013
Reusable Shopping Bags RFB-08-2013 02/15/2013
Human Services - Grant Management System RFI-06-2013 02/15/2013
Consultant Services for Planning Boulder's Climate Commitment RFP-07-2013 02/14/2013
NIMS Type 3 FWD Wildland / Urban Interface Pumper RFB-09-2012 02/14/2013
Custodial Services- FAM RFP-01-2013 02/04/2013
Custodial Services - Parks and Recreation RFP-02-2013 02/04/2013
Custodial Services - Library RFP-03-2013 02/04/2013
Custodial Services - Senior Services RFP-04-2013 02/04/2013
Solar Panel Assessments, Operation & Maintenance RFQ-94-2012 12/14/2012
General Contracting RFQ-66-2012 12/11/2012
Glass & Glazing RFQ-67-2012 12/11/2012
Gutters and Downspouts RFQ-68-2012 12/11/2012
HVAC Controls RFQ-69-2012 12/11/2012
Masonry & Stone RFQ-70-2012 12/11/2012

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