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City of Boulder

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Closed Solicitations

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Public Assistance Grant Consultant RFP-49-2013 10/23/2013
13th Street Plaza Voluntary Clean-up Plan Remediation SOQ-48-2013 10/21/2013
Wastewater & Storm Water System Restoration RFB-50-2013 10/21/2013
Professional Services for Monitoring of Flood Debris Removal RFP-51-2013 10/18/2013
Construction Services for Water System Pipe & Facility Restoration RFB-46-2013 10/08/2013
Main Library Renovation General Construction Service SOQ-38-2013 10/07/2013
Request for Proposal - Portfolio Management Services RFP-43-2013 09/30/2013
Debris & Trash Collection from Flood Event RFB-44-2013 09/23/2013
Pearl Parkway Mulit-Use Path (North Side) RFB-041-2013 09/18/2013
Wildland Fire Station General Construction RFQ-37-2013 08/28/2013
Operations & Management of the Pottery Lab RFP-39-2013 08/23/2013
Pearl Parkway Mulit-Use Path (North Side) RFB-41-2013 08/22/2013
Access Management and Parking Strategy Development RFQ-36-2013 08/21/2013
South Valmont CIty Park Concept Planner RFP-40-2013 08/16/2013
Pay by Phone Parking RFP-35-2013 08/14/2013
Junction Place Bridge at Goose Greek RFB-33-2013 07/16/2013
Acorn School HVAC and Solar RFP-34-2013 07/08/2013
Community Development Management (CDM) System RFP-18-2013 07/08/2013
15th Street Streetscape Improvements RFB-28-2013 06/25/2013
Full Cost Central Service Allocation Plan RFP-29-2013 06/21/2013
Automated Materials Handling & Radio Frequency ID for the library RFI-20-2013 06/21/2013
Management of Softball Officials RFP-30-2013 06/14/2013
Prairie Dog Relocation RFP-31-2013 06/07/2013
Anemone Hill Trail Project RFB-24-2013 05/30/2013
Consultant Services for Program Improvement Recommendations for Ci RFP-23-2013 05/24/2013

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