Aurora Housing Authority

Aurora Housing Authority

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Aurora Housing Authority Open and Closed Solicitations are posted below. Please register to see details of all open opportunities.

Closed Solicitations

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Janitorial Services 2014 RFP-MD-PM14001 03/19/2014
First Avenue Concrete Replacement RFP-MD-PM13011 07/26/2013
RFP 13005 - Legal Services for VWC2 RFP-HH-13005 07/08/2013
RFP13004 - Financing for Village at Westerly Creek, Building 2 RFP-HH-13004 07/08/2013
Bad Debt Collection Services RFP-MD-PM13005 06/14/2013
PM13004 Villa Verde Stair and Rail Painting RFP-MD-PM13004 06/07/2013
PM13006 Sixth Avenue Concrete Repair RFP-MD-PM13006 06/07/2013
PM13007 First Avenue Stair and Rail Painting RFP-MD-PM13007 06/07/2013
PM13008 Sixth Avenue Carpet Replacement RFP-MD-PM13008 06/07/2013
PM13009 Villa Verde Laundry Door RFP-MD-PM13009 06/07/2013
PM13010 Ivy Hill Seal, Coat, Stripe RFP-MD-PM13010 06/07/2013
Smoking Shelters for Buckingham Gardens and VWC RFQ-MD-PM13003 04/24/2013
Pest Control Contract for 2013 RFP-MD-PM13002 03/22/2013
Landscaping Contract for 2013 Season RFP-MD-PM13001 03/15/2013
Snow Removal Services 2012-2013 RFP-MD-2012-0830121 10/01/2012
Residences at First Avenue Garage Repairs RFP-MD-2012-0912121 09/28/2012
First Avenue Asphalt and Concrete RFP-MD-2012-0912122 09/28/2012
Residences at First Avenue Roofing Repairs RFP-MD-2012-0912123 09/28/2012
Townhomes at Tollgate Creek Concrete Repair RFP-MD-2012-0720122 09/28/2012
Summersong Townhomes Concrete Repair RFP-MD-2012-0822121 09/04/2012
Residences at Willow Park Concrete Repair RFP-MD-2012-0822123 08/29/2012
VWC Exercise Equipment RFQ-MD-2012-0807121 08/17/2012
Janitorial Services for Buckingham Gardens and VWC RFP-HH-12015 08/09/2012
Residences at Willow Park Concrete Repair RFP-MD-2012-2012-0720123 08/08/2012

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